Penetration Tests

Once you believe you have done what you can to protect your Information Assets, it is time to put those protections to the test with a Penetration Test. CyberCede generally advises organizations to develop a Security Program, including Information Security Policies and Procedures, as well as information security training both for their IT/IS staff as well as the rest of the organization's information workers. CyberCede can offer guidance in setting up a program, but in the end, such a framework must be completely owned by those who will use it and rely upon it.

Vulnerability Assessments

CyberCede offers rapid deployment of a service known as the "Essential" Vulnerability Scan.  For most Small Businesses, it is a perfect balance between security awareness, due diligence, and affordability.  Let us help you identify the "low hanging fruit" that malicious hackers will target, before they get a chance to.

CyberCede offers Residential Services

CyberCede Corporation now offers Residential Services.

Q: What is one of the largest threats to Corporate and National Information Security?

A: Unsecured home computer systems.

Offering this service is a win/win for CyberCede and our community. By assisting home-users in securing their computers and maintaining their privacy, CyberCede is killing two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking).


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