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Information Security Strategic Advantage | Syracuse, NY

CyberCede Corporation incorporated in New York State in 1999. We have served a range of customers since then, from Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) operators to large well-known corporate entities. We have years of experience with HIPAA compliance from small doctor's offices to the largest hospitals in these United States.  We have experience in the Financial sector, fullfilling contracts with the largest banks in the world. We have worked with non-profits and small businesses to meet their needs as well.  Our Information Security Services are not merely designed to point out today's security flaws so they can be remedied; but, also to raise overall Information Security Awareness in your organization.

CyberCede specializes in providing you with Strategic Advantage in cyberspace, through our founder's modern interpretation of The Art of Warfare, by Sun-Tzu. In short, we help you "know yourself and the enemy".  At the highest level, it can be said that we do this through the acquisition of an up-to-date Information Asset Inventory, a series of reconaissance techniques that result in a Technical Vulnerability Analysis, and the removal of false positive information via state of the art Penetration Testing.

We can help you to "know yourself and the enemy".  We can help you to improve your situational awareness.  We can help you gain Strategic Advantage.  Some say there is already an on-going cyber-war raging on the Internet we are all attached to in ever increasing ways.  Some say this cyber-war is not winnable.  We say otherwise. 

Keep your cyber-powder dry - and CyberCede.