Vulnerability Assessments | Penetration Testing | Ethical Hacking | HIPAA Compliance

You must know what threats and vulnerabilities are creating risk to your assets before you can address them. CyberCede excels at helping you obtain and maintain the situational awareness required to manage Information Security Risks. We can meet your organization wherever you are in your efforts to create and maintain a more secure infrastructure, and help you achieve regulatory compliance, and much more. Ken Walling, CISSP, founder, and CEO of CyberCede, leads our assessment teams to help our clients better know themselves and the enemy. Every engagement starts with a "needs assessment", and ends with the presentation of a detailed recommendations report and an easy to follow "next steps" road map. We pride ourselves in being able to communicate to executives and management teams in terms that help bring about any needed improvements, regardless of technical experience. Our engagements often include: Vulnerability Assessments (with a wholistic approach or targeted against a subset of your infrastructure, such as firewalls or web servers) Penetration Tests, and Information Security Risk Assessments (Qualitative and/or Quantitative) We look forward to learning how we can best serve your organization. Call us today, to schedule a Needs Assessment meeting.