One Malware Scanner is not Enough

I decided to put up a quick post for folks who might not be up to date on the malware (malicious software) arms race. This isn't really anything new - but some of you may not be familiar with the reality of getting virus programs, and other malware, off of your computers.

We recently helped a customer who had a system that had been infected with several trojan horse programs designed to give the attacker access to our customer's system without their knowledge. The system also was running "key stroke loggers", which captured everything our customer typed into their system, and sent it off to the bad guys. This included, of course, passwords.

We ran five different scan engines with their latest signatures against his hard drive. It took a very long time to get through it all - but it was worth it in the end, as each one produced different results. Had we stopped after just one Anti-Malware program, his system would have still been infected.

The home user cannot afford the elaborate set-ups that our Enterprise customers often employ for email scanning and website restriction through the use of proxies. To make things worse, the home user's system cannot run more than one Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware program at a time. They tend to step all over one another - and sometimes none of them end up running properly. The only solution we have found to work well is to drop down into safe-mode, or take the hard drive off line and then scan for malware with multiple engines.

We are offering a special service from now until the end of the month, for residential customers in Central NY who believe their systems are infected. Give us a call today to see how we can help you out.

Keep your powder dry,