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Penetration Tests

Once you believe you have done what you can to protect your Information Assets, it is time to put those protections to the test with a Penetration Test. CyberCede generally advises organizations to develop a Security Program, including Information Security Policies and Procedures, as well as information security training both for their IT/IS staff as well as the rest of the organization's information workers. CyberCede can offer guidance in setting up a program, but in the end, such a framework must be completely owned by those who will use it and rely upon it. Vulnerability Assessments as well as Business Impact Assessments are normally a part of helping your organization get a proper footing to defend your Information Assets. Penetration Tests can come in many forms, and CyberCede will work with you to develop a test of your overall program and/or individual aspects of your infrastructure; but, we have found that if the ground-work to implement a Security Program, or Risk Management Program has not bee accomplished prior to a Penetration Test, that the results, while identifying exactly how the organization could be compromised, doesn't perhaps give the ROI that it might a year or more after such a Program were implemented. Perhaps an exception to this general rule is the use of Penetration tests to validate threats and distinguish between false positives and truly exploitable vulnerabilities as a part of a thorough Vulnerability Assessment. CyberCede uses a mix of commercial and open source tools to conduct black box and limited focus penetration tests. We have a team of consultants ready to test your Information Infrastructure. Give us a call today to set up a Needs Assessment meeting.