CyberCede offers Residential Services

CyberCede Corporation now offers Residential Services.

Q: What is one of the largest threats to Corporate and National Information Security?

A: Unsecured home computer systems.

Offering this service is a win/win for CyberCede and our community. By assisting home-users in securing their computers and maintaining their privacy, CyberCede is killing two birds with one stone (figuratively speaking).

The service is designed as a custom Information Security News report. We take an inventory of the software you have on your computer(s), and provide you with information about that software to help you prioritize and make decisions regarding patches and anti-malware. Information Security Vulnerabilities and Threats are a moving target. We help you stay abreast of the latest threats to your security and privacy, and in turn - by keeping your system secure, it becomes far less likely to be used as a pawn in an attack against other systems.

In the case of Zero Day Exploits, we let you know as soon as we know, so you can avoid using the affected software until a patch is released and applied. The program is currently in beta, and we have started enrolling new customers. Once the process is more automated, we will be offering it to larger businesses as well.

For some folks, being told what needs to be done doesn't go far enough. That is why CyberCede is partnering with local Personal Computer Specialists to provide technical labor aimed at implementing the recommendations you choose to take action on. Of course, you can take the report and go anywhere you like to have the fixes applied. Just having the report gives you power through the knowledge of what actually needs to be done. We currently only have agreements with technicians to field the Central NY area. Call today for more details and learn if this service is available in your area.